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Meet Our Hospitalists

Hospitalist Program Facilitator

Luis Quiel, MD, FACP, CPE - Medical Director of Hospital Medicine, Lawrence General HospitalDr. Luis Quiel, MD, FACP, CPE
Medical Director of Hospital Medicine
Phone: 978-683-4000, Ext. 2752
Smriti Vaid, MD 
Associate Medical Director

Lissette Santiago
Hospitalist Program Manager
Phone: 978-683-4000, Ext. 8494


 Meredith Beck, MD

 Aleksandr Chernyy, MD
Karen Glatfelter, MD


Raashi Khanna, DO
 Fehmida Lakhi-Washwell, MD
Michael Malak, MD
Farrukh Mohammed, MD
Morgan Moncada, MD
David Gerena Montano, MD
Khalid Munawar, MD
Faruk Obut, MD
Michael Riskalla, MD
Alpana Sinha, MD
 Natalia Vilissova, MD


Ekaterina Zilberfayn, MD

Nurse Practitioners

Anita Ash, NP

Kristen Devito, NP

Melvin Alex Garcia, DNP, NP-CMelvin Alex Garcia, DNP, NP-C


Cheryl Hawksley


Cheryl Hawksley, NP

Deborah Mansfield, NP



The Medical Specialty concerned with correction or prevention of disorders of the bone and associated muscles and joints. 

Orthopedic Hospitalists
Jason Reid, MD

Ortho Trauma Surgeon


Kerry Hanssen, PA-C


Nicholas Opolski, PA-C



Dawn Bollhardt, NP

Executive Director of Physician Services

Intensive Care Unit

  The intensive care unit is a unit in the hospital where seriously ill patients are cared for. 

ICU Physician

Dr. John BradyJohn Brady, MD

ICU Midlevel Providers
Laurice Canning, NP
Jennifer Fleming, NP

Michelle Perry, NP

Maria Pollicelli, PA-C



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