Comforting Faces Program

Being admitted to the hospital can sometimes feel isolating, especially for individuals that have not experienced an extended stay at a hospital. Sending your loved one photos of familiar faces can offer a reminder of the things that bring them joy and comfort.

The Comforting Faces Program allows family and friends to submit one photo with a brief message to be placed in the patient’s hospital room. Whether it’s a family photo, a beloved pet, grandchildren, or a vacation destination that motivates them to get well, this gesture provides a familiar smile and support during their stay. The Comforting Faces Program also offers caregivers an opportunity to personally connect with the patient.

How Can I Submit a Photo for My Loved One?

It's easy! You can fill out the form below. All photo submissions are sent to  

Can the Photo Include a Message for the Patient?

Yes! We ask that you please keep your message under two sentences.


This program is managed by our dedicated volunteers. Any question you have can be directed to our Volunteer Coordinator, Brenda Leblanc at 978-683-4000, ext. 2645

Comforting Faces Form

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