What Patients Can Expect

If you speak with your doctor, and they decide you should have a sleep study, they will send an order for the study to a sleep center. The following information explains the steps the Sleep Center takes when we receive an order for a study.

As soon as a doctor contacts us to request a sleep study, we will immediately call the patient to let them know that we are going to start the process for scheduling the test. When we speak with you at this time, we will collect the best contact information from you, and your preferential method for receiving information in the future (cell phone, home phone, email, etc.). It's important to note that this is also a good time for you to call your insurance company to find out if you will be responsible for any out of pocket costs.

Our staff will then begin the process of contacting your insurance company to obtain approvals or referrals that might be necessary. The time that this takes depends on many factors, but as soon as we get the information we will get back in touch with you to schedule your study.

Depending on what your provider requests, what your insurance company approves, and your preference – you might be scheduled for a study that’s conducted overnight in the hospital, or a study that you pick up at the hospital and complete at home.
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