Understanding Shoulder Pain

Most activities that we do on a daily basis involve our upper extremity joints and pain in any of them can limit us in ways we couldn’t have imagined before the pain occurred. We have experts to help.

Lawrence General has several excellent upper extremity orthopedic physicians on staff, who help patients find relief from pain in their shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. Some of these surgeons work on all these joints and some prefer to specialize in a single area.

The shoulder is the largest of these upper extremity joints and mobility in the shoulder is critical to the functioning of our arms. Lawrence General physicians perform a wide variety of non-surgical and surgical procedures to ease shoulder pain, working together with physical therapists, who can also provide help in many cases.

Elbows, wrists and hands benefit from the same kinds of rehabilitation, procedure and surgery for pain caused by injuries, over use, medical conditions, and aging.