Hip and Knee Surgery Program

“I wish I had this surgery years ago!"

It's not uncommon for us to here this sentiment in the days and weeks after joint surgery at Lawrence General Hospital. Hip, knee and other joint pain can be debilitating, but fortunately, for those suffering from osteoarthritis, fractures and other mobility limiting joint problems, Boston-caliber relief is closer than ever.

Lawrence General's state-of-the-art Santagati Center for surgery means world-class surgical sophistication has a new home right here in the Merrimack Valley. We proudly offer the region's only hybrid operating room using advanced robot-assisted total and partial knee replacement technology. That means more precise surgery and faster recovery times to help you gain all the independence successful joint surgery can bring.

Sometimes the answer is not surgery

The orthopedic surgery team at Lawrence General provide patients with expert assessment and imaging together, determining your best treatment plan options. we have multiple, easily accessible physical therapy sites in the region, with expertly trained therapists who work routinely with patients and their doctors to achieve desired results, both with and without surgery. If, and when, the surgical option is the best option, you can count on the orthopedic team at Lawrence General to help get you regain mobility so you can back to doing the things you enjoy.

A closer relationship with your surgeon makes a world of difference

“I have relationships with my patients, and I can see them regularly, track their progress, and address their concerns quickly based upon my knowledge of their history. I've found relationships are something community hospitals are very good at." -    Adam Harder, MD

One of the benefits of receiving care from a community hospital is the personal attention and follow-up. Surgeons can see their patients regularly, track their progress and respond based on the personal doctor-patient relationship that is part of the community hospital experience.

So whether your pain is caused by severe arthritis or a torn ligament, you have options when it comes to relief. The team at Lawrence General is here to help you find the option for your pain and your lifestyle.

Discover relief today

Learn more about our proven Joint Program, please call Orthopaedics Northeast at 978-794-1946 or Associates in Orthopedics at 978-373-3851. We look forward to helping you on your journey back to increased joint mobility!

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