Emergency Medical Services

Lawrence General provides ambulance services to the Merrimack Valley and is the primary ambulance service for the City of Lawrence. We operate up to eight ambulances and our highly skilled crews are on duty day and night, every day of the year, to respond to medical emergencies.

Central Medical Emergency Direction (C-MED)

Lawrence General’s Central Medical Emergency Direction (C-MED) office serves the EMS dispatch needs for 49 cities and towns across northeastern Massachusetts, assuring even distribution of patients to hospital emergency departments throughout the region, based on severity of illness, geography and availability of resources. During natural disasters and other large-scale incidents, C-MED is the central resource for coordinating emergency medical response.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Two Advanced Life Support (ALS) units are on call 24/7 providing veteran paramedics to assist ambulance crews with the most critically ill and injured patients throughout the Merrimack Valley. With years of experience and advanced training, the ALS crews bring much of the hospital's critical care technology to the patient, giving vital information and consulting with Emergency Center physicians to initiate treatments while en route to the hospital.