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Hip and Knee Surgery Program 

Meet our Joint Program Team Members

The Joint Program is a partnership between Lawrence General Hospital, local orthopedic surgeons, and select community-based providers who work together to get our patients joints in motion again! Some issues can be managed in the doctors’ offices, while others may need to be corrected surgically. If joint replacement surgery is your ultimate solution, our Joint Program team will help you prepare through preoperative education and home assessment, logistical support through your surgery and hospital recovery, and into the weeks and months following surgery with home based and outpatient rehabilitation therapy as you regain your strength and mobility.

Joints in Motion pre-surgical education class

Patients who are scheduled for surgery will attend our Joints in Motion education class to learn specific information about all aspects of their surgical procedure—before, during, and after their time in the hospital.

Joint replacement patients have a well-documented expected path of treatment and recovery, and the Lawrence General Joint Program supports patients on that journey with services all along the way. A dedicated program care coordinator becomes the familiar face patients can turn to with questions or concerns. 

Joints program "prehab" visit

A physical therapist will make an appointment to visit your home prior to your surgery. While they are there, they will assess your home and help you make small changes to make your transition home after surgery safer and more comfortable. 

Day of surgery and inpatient recovery

The Joints in Motion Program that all surgical patients will attend provides detailed information about the preparation process for surgery, as well as what to expect while in the hospital, pain management, and the entire recovery process.

Home-based rehabilitation

A physical therapist will also come to your home during the first couple of weeks of recovery to help you continue your progress. Rehabilitation therapy is a critical component to regaining your mobility. It’s hard work, but patients who follow the therapists instructions recover faster! The duration of physical therapy is specific to each patient.

Outpatient rehabilitation

When you are mobile enough to get out and about, Lawrence General’s outpatient rehabilitation therapists will pick up your care for the team and help you reach your ultimate mobility, strength and flexibility goals.  

Want to learn more about this proven program? To contact our Joint Program, please call (978) 946-8009 or email We look forward to helping you on your journey back to increased joint mobility!  

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