Meditech Implementation Enters Build, Test, and Training Phase

August 16, 2018
During the week of July 9-13, select staff from departments across the hospital attended intensive, multi-day training sessions on how to develop content for the new Meditech electronic health record. These training sessions marked the beginning of the Build, Test, and Training Phase of the implementation effort, which will continue for the next six months. 

“Up to now, during the Planning and Design Phase of the project, staff have seen a lot of demos and spent a considerable amount of time analyzing workflows and looking for areas of improvement,” says Meghan O’Neill, senior project manager in Information Systems. “These training sessions represented the first time that staff were physically in the system and seeing how it works on the back end.”

These Build Team training sessions, as they were called, were divided into five major groupings: Surgical Services; Pharmacy; General Accounting/Fiscal; Order Management; and Revenue Cycle. Moving forward, experts from each of these areas will work with members of the Information Technology team and consultants from Santa Rosa, the health care technology consulting firm assisting with the project, to develop the content and interfaces that will be used when the new system goes live next year.

“What’s exciting about this phase of the project is that we now get to design our system so it meets our specific needs here at Lawrence General and make improvements to our existing workflows to enhance patient care,” says Maureen Hamel, RN, director of Clinical Information Systems. “People see this as a great opportunity to fix what’s currently broken.”

When it goes live in May 2019, the Meditech electronic health record will enable clinical information to flow seamlessly throughout the hospital, leading to care that is safer, more efficient, and better coordinated. For more information on the Meditech implementation, visit the Employee Hub.