Employee Expression Room Yielding Positive Impact

December 23, 2019

Breast feeding is proven to provide significant health benefits to both infants and their mothers, and now Lawrence General is supporting that process with a new Employee Expression Room located down the hall from Kurth Auditorium. It is available for all three shifts and designed to accommodate one mom at a time.

“Our goal with this room is to give nursing mothers the privacy they need for productive pumping,” says lactation consultant Wendy Jordan. “The Expression Room offers that opportunity and it shows our nursing mothers on staff that the hospital cares about the well-being of their babies.”

Director of Maternal Child Health, Laura Federico, MSN, RN, spearheaded the room’s implementation and says it has yielded positive feedback in the early going. As a courtesy, nursing mothers that use the space are provided with a gift bag complete with lanolin nipple cream and nursing pads.

“We need to encourage our nursing mothers that breastfeeding does not need to stop when you return to work on a full-time or part-time basis,” Laura says. “It is very important for our hospital to support moms returning to work, and this private space helps meet that goal.”

“It’s rewarding for me because I have been a working mom,” Wendy explains. “I know how stressful it can be trying to find time and space for productive pumping.”

If you are a nursing mother returning from maternity leave, please speak to your supervisor about access to the Employee Expression Room. For questions, please reach out to Wendy at extension 7911. You can also contact the Lactation Office at extension 2370.