Lawrence Integrated Health Provider Network (LIHPN)

We Built a Better Health Network

The Lawrence Integrated Health Network (LIHPN) began with a vision: To be a strong and trusted health network for the Merrimack Valley — one that is clinically-led, professionally-managed and locally-focused.

We succeeded.

Today, LIHPN is a community of 200+ Lawrence General and independent providers across all levels of care. This includes physicians, PAs, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and more – all working together to deliver high quality and coordinated care to the patients of this region.

LIHPN operates in partnership with Lawrence General Hospital.

This means we can deliver high-quality health care, locally, where everything is coordinated. LIHPN and Lawrence General working seamlessly means patients no longer have to deal with the drive, hassle and potentially high co-pays associated with going to Boston for care. They can get all their health care needs met right here in the Merrimack Valley, from a network that strives to make care more integrated, more personalized, and more affordable.

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