Change Healthcare Cyber Response (UnitedHealth Group) Cyber Security Incident
Respuesta sobre el incidente de seguridad cibernética de Change Healthcare (UnitedHealth Group)

The UnitedHealth Group announced on April 22, 2024, that in response to the unprecedented cyberattack on Change Healthcare Services they have set-up a website to update people on the preliminary findings from their investigation and to also provide free credit monitoring services through IDX.
Change Healthcare is the claims processing company for most healthcare claims, including those of Lawrence General Hospital and is responsible for handling this cyber security incident investigation.
According to Change Healthcare— “Given the ongoing nature and complexity of the data review, it is likely to take several months of continued analysis before enough information will be available to identify and notify impacted customers and individuals.” That said, anyone concerned about their personal data potentially being impacted, should call the Change Healthcare Call-In center at 1-(866) 262-5342 for assistance. 
Everyone is encouraged to call, as the company has noted on their website that they have found files containing protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII), which could cover a substantial proportion of people in America.

More Information:
To learn more specific information and view the Press Release, please visit the Change Healthcare Dedicated Cyber Website at to obtain more information.
The call center can be reached at 1-(866) 262-5342.