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Emergency Center

Having an excellent Emergency Center nearby is great, but even more critical is a Center that can treat you quickly and effectively, as Lawrence General's does over 200 times per day with one of the shortest average wait times in all of New England. Why wait, when you can be seen quickly by the most experienced physicians and nurses in the region?

More than 73,000 people a year rely on the Emergency Center at Lawrence General Hospital for emergency medical care, and as they know from personal experience, ours is one of the busiest and best Emergency Centers in the entire state. Our Center is also one of the most efficient - our Rapid Medical Evaluation typically averages less than 15 minutes upon arrival at Lawrence General.  

In our new, 41-bay facility, an extremely experienced staff of highly skilled clinicians with advanced training and access to the latest diagnostic tools and techniques delivers superior treatment with a genuine, human touch. Their approach to care earns them high regard from their peers and, more importantly, the confidence and trust of the communities we serve.

Trauma Care

Among other distinctions, the Center was the first Emergency Center in Massachusetts to earn a Level III Trauma Center designation. 

Our trauma teams are trained to meet the most challenging cases, time-sensitive surgeries and critical injuries head on. Delivering excellence in trauma care, where doctors are exposed to anything and everything, means better care for all our patients.

Every nurse has training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and general surgeons and anesthesiologists stand ready at a moment's notice, with trauma surgeons on call around the clock.

Advanced Life Support

While the Emergency Department has the talent and technology to save lives, the staff relies on another group of equally talented clinicians to stabilize and assess patients on scene and en route to the Hospital. You've likely seen these teams in their large red-and-white vehicles bearing the words, "Advanced Life Support." Two Advanced Life Support (ALS) units are on call 24x7 providing veteran paramedics to assist the most critically ill and injured patients throughout the Merrimack Valley. With years of experience and advanced training, the ALS crews bring much of the Hospital's critical care technology to the patient, giving vital information and consulting with Emergency Department physicians to initiate treatments while en route to the Hospital.


Lawrence General plays a vital role in managing emergency services throughout the region by providing the home base for the area's Central Medical Emergency Direction (C-MED) office. C-MED manages ambulance and paramedic traffic from accident scenes to emergency departments, assuring an even distribution of patients based on severity of illness, geography and available resources. The C-MED office at Lawrence General covers traffic for Region III, covering hospitals across Northeastern Massachusetts and serving the dispatch needs for 80 cities and towns. During natural disasters or other large-scale incidents, C-MED is the central resource for coordinated emergency response.

S.A.N.E. Program

For victims of sexual assault, the physical and emotional injuries that result require clinicians who can offer comprehensive support. Lawrence General was the first hospital in Massachusetts to train and deploy extensively trained registered nurses as part of the Commonwealth's Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program. These specially certified nurses are on-call 24x7 to treat victims of sexual assault when they arrive in the Emergency department. Their training includes proper documentation of evidence in case the victim wishes to pursue legal action. Lawrence General's program provides clothing and other resources to assault victims when they leave the Hospital, and is one of the few in Massachusetts specially trained to treat children under 12.

Trauma Prevention

A key focus of Emergency Services at Lawrence General is in not just treating trauma and accidents, but preventing them from happening in the first place. The Trauma Nurse Coordinator manages trauma prevention activities, and the Hospital is active in many programs designed to educate the public in many areas of prevention. These include:

Automobile Safety

  • Sponsoring safe driver displays at the Lawrence Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Promoting car seat safety with help from local law enforcement officials, the Hospital has three nurses and one paramedic certified by the Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Council as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. The team performs car seat safety checks at the Hospital Monday - Friday by appointment only. For more information, call 978-683-4000, Ext. 2075.
  • Encouraging children to pledge to wear seat belts whenever they ride in a car - and to ask their parents to do the same.

Bicycle Safety

  • Promoting safety through annual programs with Kiwanis International, AAA of Merrimack Valley and various community presentations.

Rapid Medical Evaluation

When you visit the Emergency Center with a minor complaint such as a sore throat, earache or sprained ankle, you may be seen in the triage area very quickly by an MD, NP or PA and diagnosed, treated and discharged within about an hour. We are the only hospital in the Merrimack Valley providing this expert and speedy care, and our evaluations typically take place in 14 minutes or less.

Stroke Center

Our Emergency Center is a certified Stroke Center, able to treat patients with stroke symptoms and diagnosis with specialized, rapid treatment protocols. We are able to consult with a Neurologist 24x7 to discuss, diagnose and treat victims of stroke.

Primary Cardiac Angioplasty

Our Emergency Center is able to treat patients who are presenting with cardiac chest pain and diagnosis of myocardial infarction (heart attack). The on-call team of a cardiologist and specially trained nurses and technologists are available 24x7 to perform a cardiac catheterization and clear a blockage in your heart. Since we started this program in 2007, we have met or exceed national benchmarks in time to the procedure of this life-saving intervention.

In an emergency, dial 911. To reach the Lawrence General Emergency Center, dial 978-683-4000, Ext. 2500.

MITS Clinic

Cardiac Emergency Care

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