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Lawrence General to Assume Management of Sleep Lab

Since it first opened in 2010, the Lawrence General Sleep Lab has been managed by NeuroCare, a sleep diagnostic company that collaborates with hospitals and physician groups to provide both on-site and home sleep testing. Starting on November 9, Lawrence General will assume full management of the Sleep Lab, giving staff and physicians better access to test results and other important clinical data, as well as streamlining workflows and enhancing the patient experience.

“Whenever there is a third party in the mix, it adds another layer of complexity to daily operations,” says Carrie Salvucci, director of respiratory therapy and electroencephalography, who oversees the Sleep Lab. “This change isn’t about the quality of our service, it’s about gaining more control of patient data and improving the overall experience for providers and patients.”

Located in the Russell Basement of Lawrence General, the four-suite Sleep Lab offers a full range of diagnostic testing for a variety of sleep disorders. Under the medical direction of German Iosif, MD, and Glenn Newsome, MD, more than 790 in-lab, overnight sleep tests were conducted at Lawrence General last year. Carrie will be hiring a total of six new employees this fall to work in the Lab, replacing the departing NeuroCare staff. All-new diagnostic equipment has also been purchased.

Closely integrated with the lab is the Sleep Clinic, which typically sees patients after they have undergone a sleep test and received a diagnosis. The Clinic has always been managed and staffed by Lawrence General employees. “The new management arrangement will also be beneficial to these employees since the Clinic and Lab staff often collaborate to provide the most efficient care to mutual patients,” says Carrie. “The fact that the records will be in the Lawrence General electronic medical record system alone is a huge benefit.”

In addition to assuming management of all on-site sleep studies, Lawrence General will also start administering its own home sleep tests. “In the past, all home sleep tests were contracted out to NeuroCare, which could lead to confusion for patients and physicians,” says Carrie. Moving this service in-house will not only improve daily workflows, she adds, it will also lead to an increase in patient volume for the Sleep Lab.

“To those who have little contact with the Sleep Lab, the changes being made may not seem very significant — but they really are,” says Carrie. “Our patients will still be getting the same high-quality care, but our internal stakeholders will be getting a much higher level of service.”

Benefits of New Sleep Lab Management Agreement

Easier access to every report, order, prescription, and all patient data, which will reduce turnaround times.

Brand new testing equipment purchased for both in-lab and home sleep studies.

Additional skilled staff hired to enhance care coordination, decrease lead time to testing, and expedite response to all inquiries.

A single phone number, fax number, and email address will improve communication between Sleep Center staff, physician offices, and patients.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 978-946-8297 or email


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