Member Benefits of Merrimack Health Network

Need Help Finding a PHO Doctor?

Utilize our searchable member directory on the web when you need to refer to a physician in our network. Information includes specialists' focus areas and languages spoken as well as the ability to search on specialty, name, group name or location. Our network of primary care physicians is included as well.

You Are a Preferred Provider for Lawrence General Employees!

As of January 1, 2014 Lawrence General Hospital changed its employee health insurance plan to support PHO members. Employees are incentivized through a tier structure to use our PHO member physicians with a plan administered by Health Plans Inc., a Harvard Pilgrim company. Employees pay the lowest co-payment for services received from a PHO physician or performed at Lawrence General locations. Tier two providers are those physicians at Boston locations of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital. Tier three providers are all other Harvard Pilgrim physicians and, for those doctors, employees pay the highest co-payment.

PCPs - Free Up Staff Time - Let Us Help You Manage Your Referral Process!

Merrimack Health Network staff include referral representatives who connect patients to care in our local community. This centralized service for primary care practices includes checking eligibility, scheduling patients for appointments within our PHO network, providing a reminder letter to the patients to try to reduce the no-show rate at our specialists' offices and completing any required referral paperwork for the managed care plans. The referral representatives access the multiple electronic medical record systems in the primary care practices that are used to communicate referral information and appointments, once scheduled. This program has been very popular with patients of the 18 primary care providers we have been serving to date, and we have capacity to add more PCPs!

For more information, call Fran Moss, PHO referrals and member services manager, at 978-946-8014.

PHO Supports You - Electronically

Information Technology is an important focus of the PHO, both for supporting current electronic medical record users and developing interfaces with Lawrence General for electronic laboratory and radiology results delivery with multiple vendors.

Caitlin Mundry, PHO physician integration manager, is frequently out in our physician practices helping with Meaningful Use attainment, EHR optimization and connectivity. Caitlin can be reached at 978-683-4000, ext. 2810.