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Lawrence General Hospital performs approximately 7,000 screening mammograms per year, in one of the only Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence in the region. A physician referral is not required for an annual screening mammogram. Please contact your insurance company if you have questions regarding your coverage. To schedule your appointment or to find out when you had your last mammogram, please call us at 978-946-8103.

Mammography is located in our new South Pavilion. Admitting is located within the South Pavilion and convenient parking is available in the connecting Emergency Center Parking Garage.

The mammography units are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health – Radiation Control Program.

Only a small percentage of mammography patients actually need a biopsy. Should this be the case, patients are connected with an on-site Registered Nurse who is a Certified Breast Health Navigator. She will coordinate referrals to a general surgeon, schedule the patient's biopsy, send follow-up reports, arranges for films to be shuttled to surgeons offices or picked up by the patient.

Out of all the biopsies performed each year, 80% are negative.

Stereotactic is a type of biopsy where the patient does not need to go to the operating room. The patient lies on a table face down, while the mammography equipment is underneath the table. The Radiologist gives the patient an anesthetic, makes a small incision, and inserts a needle that will take samples of the tissue. The patient ends up with only a small bandage and no stitches. She will be able to resume normal activities within a day.

Should further breast health services need to be provided our Certified Breast Health Navigator provides emotional support to patients and hosts a monthly support group using the American Cancer Society's "I Can Cope" series as a guide. She collaborates with A Little Easier Recovery, a company that provides "Jacki" jackets for postoperative breast cancer patients free of charge and provides community outreach by giving talks on breast cancer, and screening guidelines.

For more information, contact Bonnie Nichols, Mammography Supervisor at 978-946-8000, Ext. 2437.

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